Current Engagements


I am currently accepting new engagements.
Please contact me to discuss specific opportunities.

Information Technology

As a self-motivated information technology professional,
I design and develop software, network, and security solutions that are context-sensitive, robust, and scalable.

Decade of Experience

I have designed and developed security-conscious websites and web applications for almost 15 years. I often use AJAX/CSS/HTML5/jQuery/MySQL/PHP, though my solutions incorporate a wide range of technologies. I also design and implement high-capacity, high-utilization computer networks.


I merge technical experience with an entreprenurial perspective to create solutions and empower organizations and communities.

Interdisciplinary Pursuits

I love to further develop my perspective by exploring a wide variety of social and vocational topics in order to better approach multidisciplinary challenges.

Continual Renaissance

Pursuit of knowledge is my passion. I love exploring business, economics, history, law, psychology, theatre, and other topics as they apply to society and humanity. This deeper understanding allows me to engage colleagues and clients with a heightened awareness for their interests and perspectives.


I constantly seek opportunities to learn about and engage the community around me to expand my perspective and better prepare me to face new challenges.


My experience spans almost 15 years and includes software engineering, network engineering, information security, and business strategy projects. I have worked with more than 20 companies in the educational, entertainment, financial, software, and telecommunications industries; I leverage this broad perspective when approaching new challenges.

Daniel C. Eckert - General Resume (PDF) — Oct. 2014